What's Next in LGBT politics? — An NLGJA post-election public discussion


So, the election's over. Now what?

Do November's progressive electoral victories mark a tipping point in American attitudes toward LGBT communities?

What can we expect in the next four years?

We'll explore these questions and more with four distinguished panelists at the William Way Community Center in Philadelphia:

• David Rosenblum, Mazzoni Center Legal Services Dept. in Philly

• Natalie Hope McDonald, editor of G Philly, the LGBT monthly from Philadelphia Magazine

• Phil Elliott, Washington, D.C.-based reporter who covered the Republican presidential field for The Associated Press

• (tentative) Tobias Wolff, Penn law professor and advisor to Barack Obama on LGBT issues

After some delay, Barack Obama has begun to try to win over LGBT voters, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell, telling the Justice Department lawyers not to fight court challenges to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and expressing personal support for gay marriage. According to The Economist, the 5% of voters who identified themselves as gay in exit polls on Nov. 6 account for Obama's entire margin of victory.

That same night, voters in Washington, Maine and Maryland voted to legalize same-sex marriage, and Minnesota voters put a stop to an amendment to the state constitution that would have banned it — the first time such a measure has been defeated by popular vote.

And the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to consider a case in opposition to California's Prop 8 and several cases challenging DOMA.

LGBT voters have much to be excited about.


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