Vice Philadelphia: One Year Anniversary


Celebrating one year of bringing gear back to the Philadelphia scene, partying on a thursday and calling out on Friday, all the hot gear clad studs, and well........pure faggotry.

Come the Fuck out and help us celebrate our one year anniversary.....well really your one year anniversary....this is your party.....guarantied to influence bad decisions....

Come to make trouble. It's gonna be a hell of a time.

Are you a Vice Virgin?
That's ok, let's talk about it....

Vice is Philadelphia's Monthly Gear Party
It is held at the Bike Stop
and can be found every 2nd Thursday.

What is Gear?
Traditional code structured parties have a more strict definition of gear

At Vice "gear" exists within the same spectrum but is defined by what makes you feel sexy.

We are body positive
We are gear enthusiasts
We want to see you out in your gear

Leather, rubber, neoprene, Lycra, Sports kit, Military, Suits, pup gear, Levi's, boots, jocks.....need we go on?

Vice features

3 Floors
Free Door Prizes
Free Gear and Toy Raffle
Free clothing Check for your muggle clothes
Whiskey Special until Midnight
Great Music
Wall to wall Gear clad studs


To participate in the raffle you'll need to check in at the coat check.

The raffle starts at 12 in the pit.

So we all on the same page?
Good. Bring a friend to corrupt,
See you there.


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