TIP Drop-In: Paint, Lashes & Liberation


The TransHealth Information Project's (TIP) Center City Drop-In is an affirming space created each Wednesday for trans, gender queer and gender non-conforming inviduals seeking resources and/or wanting support. Tokens are provided for those who enroll in the T.I.P program.

1211 Chestnut St
Suite 910

For some trans women, make-up can play an important role in easing the dysphoria they may feel around secondary sex characteristics. Many trans women consider makeup an essential part of their daily routine for the same reason cis women do. Some may turn to makeup for an appearance the rest of the world will read as “acceptably” fem. But for many individuals, regadless of gender, make-up is a fun aspect of individual expression rather than a requirement of womanhood.

Join us as for a LIVE Make-up Tutorial and info session with National Trans Advocate and founder of the New Orleans Trans March, Milan Nicole Sherry!

This is a closed space for and by trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals***
  • Colours Organization
    1211 Chestnut Street- Suite 910, Philadelphia
  • Wednesday Jun 14
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