Get Pegged Cabaret, January

Co-presented by the William Way LGBT Community Center.

Like a poison cookie—tempting and treacherous, pleasing and perilous—Get Pegged Cabaret lures you inside a reimagined La Peg, then jumps you with unrestrained intimacy and performance. Each night features uncensored and stimulating entertainment from the sexy, satirical, daring, delightful, queer, and most dangerous performers from Philadelphia, New York, and beyond.

This installment of Get Pegged will be taking over the FringeArts theater for the first time! $5 is all it costs to Get Pegged.

This month's artists:

Raja Feather Kelly
A movement-based drag performance essay inspired by Andy Warhol’s alter ego “Drella” — a contraction of Dracula and Cinderella. Beyond the focus on Warhol’s legacy, DRELLA addresses Kelly’s concerns with identity, sexuality and self-worth. In this Vogue-Ballet, Kelly creates a surreal world; a gender-bending, race-shifting, multi-medium “Artsploitation” in response to today’s consumer culture, and celebrity worship. Asurvey of LOVE in popular music and an experience of the duality of what pop fans want from us: their product- to escape and to learn how to live/love. We wanted to suggest the proverb “you make the bed you lie in” as an example of the relationship we have with popular culture. We watch it, buy it, eat it, live, it. And what about Love? Do we know what love is? We’re directed to watch it, buy it, be it, eat it?

Suli Holum
Suli Holum gives a little lesson on keeping it ConSENSUAL. Join the Philly-based theatre artist, co-founder of Pig Iron Theatre Company, Co-Artistic Director of Stein | Holum Projects, and FringeArts veteran as she brings her signature bravado and wit to the Get Pegged stage for the very first time.
  • Fringearts
    140 N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia
  • Friday Jan 19
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