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Tiny tavern with big flavors
One might be tempted to fill up only on the incredible selection of fine whiskey or the absinthe. Don't: not only is is hard on your stomach, but you would be missing out on the fabulous creations that emerge from this New American kitchen.


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    • JulioChild
      JulioChild Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Good Food Bad Service
      The food is amazing, the service is not. When we entered the dining room for an early dinner, the server directed us to choose an unoccupied two seat table. We chose the table that was farthest from a couple, the only other diners, for privacy. We ordered two delicious entrees and a cocktail which arrived impossibly quickly. After eating we were given free cookies for dessert. The service was so quick that when the check arrived I was only half way through the cocktail. We paid and tipped generously. The server returned two minutes later and asked us to leave because there was a couple that had been waiting for the table. Why does this bistro deserve such a negative review? If that specific table was pegged for diners arriving in less than 35 minutes, it should not have been offered as a seating option. In the short time it took us to eat, two other couples arrived increasing the dining room population to eight. When we were told to leave I estimate that 70% of the restaurant was unoccupied. We were there for less time than one of the other tables. Had the server not brought a complimentary desert, we would have finished in under 25 minutes, times more in line with fast food than what a server should allow at a waited table. I was so startled by our ejection that I gulped down my Sazerac and left without protesting. By the time we ascended the steps, we agreed that our experience was ruined by the server completely. If this type of careless service continues I can not recommend visiting. I suggest waiting to tip until the moment of leaving so you do not find yourself in our situation.

    • jmny
      jmny Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place
      Stopped to grab a bite to eat and what a surprise. Very friendly staff ( Chris ) and great food recommendations. Good experience all around.

    • kristinn
      kristinn Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is my little secret to suprise my friends, I have dined here at least 15 times and NEVER had a bad meal. The Filet is my fav. I also love the pizza...it has ham and pears on it...and its GREAT. The service is very good and the place is full of cool, professional staff. And after dinner you can sit at the piano bar or venture upto the dance floor.