100% love it
Hidden-in-plain-sight Jewelry Destination
Henri David's Halloween is so easy to miss, yet fantastic. The two story marvel is decked out with vaulted ceilings, overwrought staircases and inspiring curios busting at the seems with some of the most innovative and eccentric jewelry. For the lover of the oddity, the blingy, or both....this place just can't be missed!


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    • texbearjoe
      texbearjoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I don't know why I went in this shop, which is hard to find - a microscopic sign by the door "Halloween", and a glance in to the almost lurid antique interior - I had to go in. While purporting to have "custom jewelry", that would be like calling the Smithsonian "a bookstore". From the squid-themed balustrade of the staircase to the naked-men sculptures, strange antique and custom jewelry displayed like Victorian Curios in cabinets, and endless bric-a-brac that would take enjoyable for hours to go through, this shop reminded me simultaneously of the TV program "Friday the 13th" and something nightmarish from an H.P. Lovecraft Novel. I'm sure something evil is lurking in a well in the basement. Well worth a side-trip.