The BULGE Party!

Hey Philadelphia!!! I'm thrilled to announce I've added a 2nd night to the Boxers SportsBar line-up! In addition to "Bluffin' w/Butch", my wildly successful Tuesday night Texas Hold 'Em poker shindig; every Thurs night I'll be shedding the cards (and the clothes) for the only mandatory underwear night in Philly! This party is called "BULGE" and w/a dimly lit room, deep house music and a private, roomy, comfortable upstairs space to let your freak flag fly, this NYC style, one-of-a-kind ambiance is sure to be a hit!
Not in the best shape these days? Feeling a tad bloated from all that turkey, you turkey? Don't give it a second thought!!! Bulge is (and always was) a "body-positive" party! So now you have two new things to do this week. Come to Boxers on Thursday night AND get to Nutz&Boltz to pick up some mad hot, sexy panties to model for me, baby..! Don't forget, guys.. No loosey-goosey boxers or gym shorts, please? Hugging your "junk" is priority #1.. I mean, the party IS called BULGE afterall..
So attention all fetishers & exhibitionists! BULGE is every Thurs, from 10pm to 2am upstairs at BoxersPHL! 5$ Absolut / 3$ Coors Light and Yuengling 'til midnight! 5 bucks gets you in and gets your clothes checked too! Can't wait to see your bulge!!! (especially you straight guys..) Love ya, Butch